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    Your business is our priority.
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    Experts with First Assistant Providers
    Physician Assistants, RNFAs, Advance Practice Nurses (APNs)
    Our knowledge and experience can help get you reimbursed at a rate that makes you profitable.
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    Experienced, Assertive Collectors
    Knowledgable Negotiators
    Well-versed in the laws governing collection activity,
    our investigators act within those guidelines with RESULTS
    through personable, reasonable, empathetic recovery tactics.

Our Services

Provider Services Management, LLC provides the full spectrum of claims submission and recovery accounts receivable management services for specialty medical practices throughout the United States. We are dedicated to optimizing our clients' revenue, while ensuring the most accurate, expeditious claims processing. We are well versed in Orthopedics, Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Anesthesia, General Surgery, Specialty Surgery, EMGs, Chiropractic and other areas of specialty.

Claims Submission

Claims submitted within 24 hours of receipt from your practice.

HIPAA compliant billing with electronic submission and posting. Whether we VPN to your existing system, or build your practice account within our own system. Provider Services Management, LLC is able to generate reporting per your parameters. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. We provide transparency so that you always know exactly where you stand, and the percentage of reimbursement vs. claims submission.

Insurance Follow-up

Recovery begins 5 days after your claim(s) are submitted.

Aggressive insurance follow-up on remittances and rejections, perform insurance appeals, prepare arbitration for personal injury and worker’s compensation cases.

U.S.-Based Professional Collection

The PSM staff is 100% local, never outsourced.

Should there be balances owed by individual patients, Provider Services Management, LLC will collect the money due your practice, without compromising your relationship as their physician.

Our knowledge of New York and New Jersey PIP gives us an advantage over our competition.

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Why use PSM?

Whether you’re a one provider office in the suburbs, or a multi-disciplinary practice with a dozen physicians in a major metropolitan area- you will immediately feel the difference when you put your practice in our hands. Your receivables will increase, your costs decrease.

Provider Services Management, LLC -- Your practice is our priority.

Each PSM Investigator is well versed in the laws governing collection activity--and acts within those guidelines. By having personable, reasonable, empathetic recovery investigators, we are able to recover more funds than if we use the "hard fist" tactics.

  • We are an ICD-10 Certified Trainer (ICD-10 is the classification system currently being used by the majority of the world.)
  • Claims are submitted to carriers within 24 hours of receipt from your practice.
  • We have a 93% recovery rate, one of the highest in the industry.
  • You have a dedicated team just for your practice, and access to them thru email/phone/fax, virtually 24/7.
  • There are no long-term, lengthy agreements.
  • PSM has a national presence. Headquartered in New Jersey, with Business Managers and Executive Directors throughout the U.S. to meet your needs in real time.


The role within the surgery environment of First Assistant providers, Physician Assistants, RNFAs, and Advance Practice Nurses (APNs), ensures a positive outcome for the patient and provides much-needed expertise and assistance to the Surgeon. Our knowledge of this specialized provider type is unique in an industry that typically focuses on the Surgeon.

Our First Assistant providers are able to bill as independent providers and are reimbursed at a rate that makes being a First Assistant, Physician Assistant, RNFA, or APN profitable for that provider.

PSM is knows about the existing statutes governing the First Assistant, which make reimbursement possible. Other collection companies may not effectively use this statute to get their First Assist providers paid.

PSM is your partner in Claims Submission and Recovery

We are well versed in Orthopedics, Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Anesthesia, General Surgery, Specialty Surgery, EMGs, Chiropractic and other areas of specialty.

Provider Services Management, LLC provides the full spectrum of claims submission and recovery accounts receivable management services for specialty medical practices throughout the country. We are dedicated to optimizing our clients’ revenue, while ensuring the most accurate, expeditious claims processing.

In the medical billing and recovery industry since 2001, Provider Services Management, LLC has established long-standing relationships with insurance carriers, and are able to cut thru the clutter-again, optimizing and maximizing revenue and cash flow. Professional integrity is what distinguishes Provider Services Management, LLC from other, so called, ‘billing and collection agencies’. Our Recovery Investigators are exactly that – highly trained claims investigators assigned to your practice – skilled in every nuance of the submission and recovery process, with detailed experience and expertise in appeals, denials and resubmissions while maintaining a HIPAA-compliant environment.

How does PSM Recovery work?

  1. We will enter into a 'month to month' agreement-a one-time $250* start up fee is paid to us to create the database and payers in our system.
  2. Our relationship with you and your staff is paramount to success. Together, we will develop a process that works for both of us-whether it is faxing claim information to our secured fax, emailing claim information, mail pak, or snail mail. Whatever is most effective.
  3. PSM will begin to submit claims as quickly as feasible, but, no later than 24 hours after receipt. In addition, we will generate your electronic clearinghouse permissions (where applicable).
  4. On the 15th, and again on the last day of the month, an invoice will be generated detailing every dollar recovered for your practice, and 5% due and payable upon receipt. YEP, THAT'S JUST 5 CENTS OF EVERY DOLLAR.

*Multiple providers within a practice will incur a one time fee of $99 each after the first $250

Our Team

Provider Services Management LLC Team Photo
Family-owned and operated since 2001.

Lynn Reeves

President & CEO

Tel 201-546-8577

Kathleen Massa

SVP Operations

Melanie Massa

Director of Recovery Operations

Melisa Fillman

Director South Jersey Shore Branch

ICD-10 Certified

PSM is an ICD-10 Certified Trainer. ICD-10 or a clinical modification of ICD-10 is the classification system currently being used by the majority of the world. The US is the only industrialized nation not using an ICD-10-based classification system. Visit AHIMA.org for more information.

There are two main reasons that the transition to ICD-10-CM/PCS is necessary:

1. Payors cannot pay claims fairly using ICD-9-CM since the classification system does not accurately reflect current technology and medical treatment. Significantly different procedures are assigned to a single ICD-9-CM procedure code. Limitations in the coding system translate directly into limitations in the diagnosis-related groups (DRG).

2. The healthcare industry cannot accurately measure quality of care using ICD-9-CM. It is difficult to evaluate the outcome of new procedures and emerging health care conditions when there are not precise codes. Most importantly, we have a mission to improve our ability to measure health care services provided to our patients, enhance clinical decision-making, track public health issues, conduct medical research, identify fraud and abuse and design our payment systems to ensure services are appropriately paid.

Challenging Claims?

Our relationships with key executives at many of the commercial insurance carriers enable us to reach out with a challenging claim, rather than being another "person on hold". We are able to directly email the individual who can unravel any challenge.


PSM Elephant
a.k.a. the lady at the circus.

  • After a few years in this business, I had an epiphany—every new provider or practice that came to me had, in some way or another, been taken advantage of by another billing company. I've heard horror stories about claims that just didn't get submitted, recovery that wasn't done, and no one picked up a phone to make that call to get that money, a patient got a check and no one ever called the patient, and now the patient is gone! Wrong coding, claims submitted with no dollar amounts, and on and on. The other billing companies come to these doctors and providers with big promises…and very few actually deliver.

    I realized that I am the lady walking behind the elephant at the circus with the big broom. The practices end up with us, and we clean up the mess left behind by every other billing company that has promised the moon, and delivered nothing.
    So, yes, we are different—and I do NOT promise the moon. I DO promise that my entire company will work diligently to make your practice revenue stream as strong as possible. I promise that we will pursue your claims and get you paid the MOST that is possible. And, you can find me, virtually every day, working 14-18 hours, making sure the billing gets out.

    I value and treasure all the practices that put their trust in us to ensure that they are able to make a living to support their families, and pay their bills. I will not promise perfection—we are human, and mistakes do happen. What I will do is OWN those mistakes and make them right. I won't throw you or anybody else under the bus. This is a family-owned and operated business, and always will be. We'll happily clean up after the other companies that promised you the moon and don't deliver.

    ~ Lynn Reeves, President & CEO

Your business is our priority.

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